Parking Lot Prize: Electric Fiat X/19

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At just about every big car show in addition to the cars in the show, you’ll probably find an interesting car or two in the parking lot. That makes sense. After all, car enthusiasts attend car shows. This Fiat X/19 probably would have met the criteria to be entered into Ypsilanti’s Orphan Car Show, since that brand disappeared from the American market until recently, but I found it parked outside the event. Actually, this X/19 has Bertone badging so it might have been one of the later cars marketed in the US under that brand by Malcolm Bricklin. If you’re a Fiat expert, you can let us know. From most angles it looks like a normal X/19 but the engine cover’s been replaced by Plexiglas to let you see the electric motor and associated electronics that now powers the car. Hence the AC DC license plate. The driver wasn’t around so I couldn’t get any technical details on the EV conversion, but a quick check on the Internet shows that X/19s are popular with the EV conversion crowd. That too makes sense since Fiat’s diminutive mid-engine sports car based on Fiat 128 components is very lightweight and has plenty of room for batteries in the engine compartment in back and trunk up front.


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