Car Tunes: Riders On The Storm – Carlos Santana w/ Chester Bennington & Ray Manzarek

This video is not in stereo 3D

After reading Ben Fon-Torres‘ and Danny Sugarman’s books about the Doors and Jim Morrison, it’s very hard for me to enjoy their music. Yes, Ray Mazarek is a creative musician and Robby Krieger, who wrote most of the band’s hits, is an underrated guitar player and a fine songwriter. Still, despite how good of a band they were, Morrison was a narcissistic creep who abused everyone in his life and, knowing that, it’s hard to enjoy the the Doors. Also, Morrison’s poetry was about as pretentious as it comes. Still, they made some great rock and roll songs. How could a series like Car Tunes not include a song with the lyric “there’s a killer on the road, his brains is  squirming like a toad”? To reconcile my affection for the Doors’ music with my personal distaste for Jim Morrison, this week’s Car Tunes features that Doors’ song, Riders On the Storm, only performed by Carlos Santana, with Chester Bennington on vocals and Ray Manzarek sitting in on keyboards.

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