Antique Auto Advertising: Lawrence Welk Urges Us to “Join the Swing to Swept Wing”

This video is not in stereo 3D

Back in the early days of television (and radio, too) shows frequently were sponsored by a single advertiser for an entire season. While Chevrolet famously sponsored Dinah Shore’s variety show, in 1957 Dodge-Plymouth was the title sponsor of the Lawrence Welk show. With that close of a relationship between advertisers and entertainers, it’s not surprising that there were merchandising tie-ins. This ad promotes “The Lawrence Welk 30 Day Selling Spree” and features the groundbreaking “forward look” ’57 Dodges, also known as the “Swept Wing” cars because of the large tail fins. Lawrence Welk 30 Day Selling Spree may not be as catchy as a Toyotathon or a GM Red Tag Sale, but Welk was a very popular entertainer so the tie-in made sense. My favorite part of the ad is how it closes with Welk telling his audience to “join the swing to swept wing” in his awkward manner, doubly awkward because nobody ever accused the Welk orchestra of ever swinging very hard.

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