The Cars In Depth Automotive Font Archive

Jalopnik’s Question Of The Day is “What’s the greatest automotive typeface of all time?“.  I’m not sure what the answer is because there are so many great automotive logos and scripts using a wide variety of typefaces and type families. I work with fonts for a living. My day gig is running a small embroidery shop and I do work for a number of car and motorcycle clubs and individual enthusiasts. It’s nice to be able to embroider names or other lettering in the same or similar font as used in a logo or badge. I started collecting True Type Fonts that were identical or similar to those used in automotive logos and scripts. To make sure that I would know where to find them if I needed them, I put up a webpage with the list along with links to download the files if I inadvertently deleted them. It’s a simple page with jpegs of what the fonts look like, a few notes, and links to the ttf files. Cars In Depth is making the automotive font archive publicly accessible, and you’re welcome to download as many fonts as you please. If you know of any automotive fonts that aren’t in the archive, please drop us an email via the contact link.

The Cars In Depth Automotive Font Archive

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