Does This New Anti-Theft System Make My Butt Look Fat?

Researchers at Tokyo’s Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology have developed a car anti-theft system based on a seat that recognizes your derriere (report PDF – Japanese). Data from an array of 360 sensors in the seat cushion is analyzed by software that creates 2D and 3D pressure maps. Apparently people’s buttocks and thighs are unique enough that the researchers claim that the system can identify individuals with 98% accuracy. The Nikkei reports that the research team is in discussion with OEMs, and hopes to commercialize the system within two to three years. There’s no report yet on whether or not the butt-recognition device is affected by a driver gaining or losing weight. Perhaps in addition to keeping  your car from getting stolen the seat can be a weight loss aid, by not letting you start the car if you get too fat

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