A Clutch of Citroens: Citroen DS21

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The 2CV may have been revolutionary but it was a spartan and primitive car, not really a proper heir to the Traction Avant, which incorporated many advanced features like FWD, semi-unitary architecture and rack & pinion steering. With a design brief of creating the most advanced car in the world as the Traction Avant’s replacement, Citroen came up with DS, which had a radical and distinct aerodynamic shape and a self-adjusting (and manually controllable) hydropneumatic suspension. It’s most revolutionary feature was borrowed from jet airliners, an engine-driven high pressure hydraulic system that powered most of the car’s mechanical systems, steering, brakes, automatic clutch, gearbox, and the hydropneumatic suspension. It was so revolutionary, new owners had to learn how to drive all over again –  getting used to the brakes, activated by a mushroom shaped button instead of a conventional brake pedal, was a particular issue. The DS was styled deliberately unconventionally. More than 50 years later it’s still a singular automotive shape – one that looks great in 3D. For a more complete look at the history of the DS, check out Ate Up With Motor.

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