Corvair Cornucopia: 1961 Corvair Lakewood Station Wagon

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In our post about the Corvair vans and pickups, it was pointed out that the Corvair was not just a single car but rather a complete line up of vehicles. For families that needed more room but weren’t drawn to the Greenbrier van, Corvair offered the Lakewood station wagon. This ’61 Lakewood was at the Orphan Car Show in Ypsilanti. With 58 cubic feet of space when the back seat was folded down and an additional 10 cubic feet in the front trunk of the rear-engined car, the Corvair wagon had more cargo capacity than some midsize wagons. Still, it appears that families looking for more space opted for the bigger Greenbrier, which outsold the Lakewood by almost 2 to 1, making the Corvair wagon one of the rarer air-cooled Chevys. As with the Corvair trucks, when the Corvair was redesigned for 1965, the wagon was dropped. That’s a shame because the second generation Corvair is one of the best looking cars of the era and it would be interesting to see an longroof version of that styling. We’ve included a couple of vintage Corvair ads that feature the ’61 Lakewood, one showing Corvairs jumping sand dunes in Colorado and the other, after the jump, with singer Dinah Shore at the 1961 Detroit Auto Show, the first one held at Cobo Hall.



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