Antique Auto Advertising: Studebaker – Avanti’s Disc Brakes, “European Look” ’53 Coupe, a Young Tom Bosley, and Mr. Ed

Studebaker, the little car company that eventually couldn’t. It sure was plucky, though, while it lasted. For our weekly look at vintage car commercials and promotional films, here is an ad from 1953 touting the “European look” of the then new ’53 Starlight “Loewy” coupe, another of those sitcom ads with the actors doing commercials for show sponsors in character – in this case one of the characters is Mr. Ed, the horse, and a 1963 spot featuring Studebakers’ disc brake system, which they offered before the Big 3 did. Of course the Avanti is in that ad, as it was the first US car from a major manufacturer to come with disc brakes as standard equipment. There’s also a 1956 Studebaker commercial featuring a very young Tom Bosley, better known for his role as Richie Cunningham’s father in Happy Days.

More Studebaker ads below the jump.


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