What? And Give Up Show Business?

Dodge Dart under wraps

He had orders to take out anyone who tried to lift the veil

This young man had the unenviable task of keeping my filthy hands off the cover that hid the Dodge Dart lurking underneath.  To have failed in this assignment would, no doubt, have brought untold fury down upon his head, a fate he had no intention of tempting.  For some ten minutes or more he kept his mind focused on this singular mission until that moment when he received the signal to reveal the prize beneath.

In all seriousness, it takes hundreds of dedicated workers to pull off an event as large as an auto show and working the press days could, I imagine, be even more stressful than the public days for some.  I, for one, appreciate what they do and how hard they work.  (As long as they stay out of my way when I’m taking photos.)

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