Car Tunes: Magic Carpet Ride – Steppenwolf

Though some think of John Kay’s band Steppenwolf (Herman Hesse’s books were popular in the late 1960s) as a one hit wonder, they were actually a pretty decent band with a solid body of work. Still, Magic Carpet Ride is what people usually think of when they hear the band’s name. Part of the song’s fame is that it was used behind the title sequence of Dennis Hopper’s outlaw hippy biker movie, Easy Rider. Here are three versions of Steppenwolf performing the song – the movie title sequence with the soundtrack version, a live tv appearance with them lip-syncing to a different version of the song and finally a live performance from 1974. By ’74 the band had swapped the hippy biker look for glam-rock costumes, but the song still rocked.

More videos below the jump.

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