Car Tunes:
“I Know Ya Hate My 98” – Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours
Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Carz

Daimler is killing the Maybach brand, prompting Derek Kreindler to ask, if the Maybach is discontinued, what kind of blinged out cars will replace the uber-Benz with rappers looking for that perfect combination of luxury and image? The video for Sir Mix-A-Lot’s Carz show’s that Italian exotics are popular with the hip-hop set, but you can’t carry around much of your entourage in a two-seat Gallardo. Of course European exotics weren’t always the aspirational ride of choice for up and coming rhymers. In 1987, when hip-hop was still young, Public Enemy’s Chuck D gave a shout out to the Oldmobile 98 in You’re Gonna Get Yours. Caveat: Some lyrics and images may not be safe for work.

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