Antique Auto Advertising: 1951 Kaiser Frazer Commercials, Including the Henry J.

Rex Marshall was an actor who made his living working as a corporate spokesperson. He had a perfect voice for the job. He represented Reynolds Aluminum and was the voice of Esso gasoline for many years. In these ads, Rex is promoting the ’51 Kaiser Frazers, including the Henry J compact economy car which Marshall informs us can be financed for as little as $34 a month with an “average trade in”. In another spot, highlighting the rear seating room in the larger Kaiser Frazer sedans, Rex tells us how Kaiser Frazer was holding the line on prices even though 14 other makes had already increased the price of their cars. Inflation was a problem in the rapidly expanding postwar economy. Finally, Marshall touts the fact that the relatively young K-F car company had sold over 600,000 Kaiser Frazers. The late ’40s and early ’50s were a golden era for the independent carmakers. Smaller and more nimble than the Big 3, companies like Studebaker, Kaiser Frazer and Hudson were able to come up with modern designs quicker than the large Detroit automakers and they gained market share. Well, that is, until the Big 3 started developing modern high compression V8 engines and introducing completely new styling every year.

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