2012 NAIAS: Sirens of Chrome, the Lovely Ladies of the Detroit Auto Show

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3d image above to launch a Flash player and view the entire gallery in 2d or your choice of S3D formats.

I wasn’t the only person to notice that the car companies hired some exceptionally attractive models and product specialists to work the NAIAS this year. Over at Autoextremist, Pete DeLorenzo gave a shout out to the tall, thin ladies working the Lincoln exhibit. If you work for Lincoln or Ford hiring auto show personnel, you have my personal thanks. On the second day of the media preview I happened to walk into the Ford exhibit just as they were finishing up a group photo shoot. As the photo shoot broke up and I walked through them it felt like I was at a reunion of Beautiful People High School. Over the years of working the big shows I’ve gotten to know some of the models and product specialists well enough to say hello when I see them and even some of them mentioned that their coworkers seemed to be more attractive than usual this year. If you’d like to hire any of these ladies to work an event, they are represented by either Gail & Rice, Marjorie Krevsky’s Productions Plus, or Talent Unlimited. Of course, many of the people working the show aren’t just pretty faces. The ones doing product information have extensive training and a lot of them have been doing this for a while so they are pretty well informed about cars. The woman running the Ford Raptor body drop display, for example, knew all about internet forum reports of Raptor frames getting bent in extreme off-road driving. So don’t try to embarrass a “booth babe” (or “booth boy”) with some kind of gearhead question, they may know more about cars than you do.

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