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WARNING: Water and Car Interiors Don’t Mix
Maybe The Two Owners Are Related

Apparently, the owner of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe in Adelaide, Australia couldn’t be bothered to put the roof up when he parked his convertible. He returned to his parked car after an intervening torrential downpour to find the interior soaked, with water puddling in the foot wells and console. Witnesses said that the obviously wealthy owner accepted the results with equanimity, though some experts say that it could cost $100,000 to repair a water damaged Rolls. Others say that depending on electrical damage, the insurance company might write the car off as a total loss. I don’t know if the Australian man has any relatives in Macedonia, but I immediately thought of the guy who, undeterred by the refusal of a car wash attendant to power wash the interior of his CLS 350 CDI Mercedes Benz, grabbed the steam cleaner himself and proceeded to hose out his leather interior.

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