2012 NAIAS: GM Engine Cutaways

Click on the anaglyph stereo 3d image above to launch a Flash player and view the entire gallery in 2d or your choice of S3D formats.

There was no shortage of cutaway engines in the General Motors display at the 2012 NAIAS and the engines they showed were their most high profile motors. There was a variety of LSx variants including the LSA from the CTS-V Cadillacs and the king of the hill LS9 from the ZR-1 Corvette, complete with cutaway supercharger and intercooler. The 2 liter turbo from the new Cadillac ATS was on display as was the 2.4 Ecotec. The workhorse of the Cadillac lineup, the 3.6 L VVT V6 was also cutaway for your viewing pleasure. Truck fans could get up close and personal with a Duramax turbo diesel, as well as a full cutaway truck chassis from a heavy-duty pickup. Finally, just to let everyone know that it still exists, there was a Dual-Mode Hybrid cutaway in the display as well.

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