Antique Auto Advertising:
Chrysler Airflow Promotional Newsreels With Racer Harry Hartz

Ford had their own motion picture studio and the Jam Handy Organization was effectively GM’s in-house movie studio. Chrysler turned to the Wilding Picture Company to make a promotional film called The Trails of Triumph, about the Chrysler Imperial Airflow. In the segment above the Airflow set a number of endurance records for enclosed stock production cars on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The segment below shows the same car on Mobil economy run across the continental United States. Retired racer Harry Hartz was at the wheel. Hartz, who finished second at the Indy 500 three times as a driver and won the race as a car owner and builder, worked for Chrysler on publicity stunts in the 1930s, starting with driving a 1930 DeSoto backwards across the country.

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