Exclusive 3D Pics!:
World Champion Sebastian Vettel’s Championship Red Bull F1 Racer

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With its multi-element nose wing and its many assorted and sundry aerodynamic winglets, canards and wickers, Sebastian Vettel’s F1 2011 championship winning RB7 is not pretty. We’re used to sleek aero shapes when it comes to airplanes but an airplane doesn’t have to stick to the ground. A formula race car has to simultaneously have low drag to slip easily through the air and create downforce to stick to the road in the corners. A modern race car literally is flying close to the ground. It wasn’t clear if this was a show car or one of the cars that Vettel actual drove in a race. Infiniti sponsors the Red Bull F1 team which not coincidentally uses race engines made by Renault, the partner of Infiniti’s parent Nissan. That explains the RB7’s presence at the 2012 NAIAS in the Infiniti booth.

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