2012 Chicago Auto Show: 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT

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Americans (at least those who actually buy cars instead of dreaming in online comment threads about diesel powered longroofs with manual transmissions) are said to not like station wagons. Wagons may be popular at old car shows, but most manufacturers do not offer contemporary station wagons in the US market. Maybe that’s why Hyundai is calling the Elantra wagon the GT and not a station wagon. In Europe the Korean five-door is marketed as the i30. I can understand them not wanting to call it a station wagon in this market. I can’t quite understand, though, why they slapped a GT moniker (which originally stood for Grand Touring) on a car with absolutely no sporting pretensions.  Well, I can understand it, car marketers do lots of nonsensical things, but the car is hardly a grand tourer in the traditional mold. I don’t know if the Sonata’s 2.0L turbo motor will fit in the smaller Elantra, but the 240 HP 1.6L GDI forced induction engine shown in the Trackster concept at Chicago probably will. Considering that the target market for the GT/i30 is people looking for a compact car that can hold their family, I doubt, though, that we’ll see any performance options.

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