Ford F-150 Raptor Body Drop: Those Pretty Ladies Know Their Stuff

Start the YouTube 3D video player. Click on the red 3D icon in the menu bar to select 2D or your choice of stereo 3D formats.

Among the attractions in Ford’s display at the 2012 NAIAS was a Ford Raptor with a chassis lift that was attached to the body. That way, show visitors could get a look at all of the Raptor mechanical upgrades (compared to a stock F-150) to the exposed drivetrain, suspension and chassis. When you watch the video, it will be impossible not to notice the attractive young woman (Gail & Rice agency) operating the lift and providing product information. In case you think that the nice looking men and women that work as auto show product specialists are just pretty faces, thing again. During the public days of the NAIAS, I observed this particular product specialist’s knowledge of the product she was demonstrating. I watched her knowingly discuss the incident when a group of owners Raptors bent their truck frames while getting air when extreme off-roading. That’s the kind of thing an enthusiast would know about and that level of preparation on her part is admirable. Here’s a video of SVT’s chief engineer Jamal Hameedi discussing the bent Raptors on the same auto show display.

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