The First Zamboni, Restored

It has four wheels, a motor, and a steering wheel so who’s to say that a car site shouldn’t cover Zamboni ice resurfacing machines? This video is of a restored Zamboni Model A, the first Zamboni model, which Frank Zamboni cobbled together out of a tractor and a war surplus Jeep in 1949, after 7 years of trial and error. Before Zamboni invented the ice resurfacer, it took 90 minutes to clean ice shaving off of rinks with shovels and then wait for fresh water to freeze. The Zamboni Model A did it all, cleaning the ice off with an auger scraping up the shavings into a wooden hopper, and water distributed, allowing hockey games and ice shows to proceed in a timely manner on glass smooth ice.

Frank Zamboni’s original ice-resurfacer patent.

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