Antique Auto Advertising: Tucker: The Man and the Car

I’ve been delving into things Tucker lately so for this week’s episode of Antique Auto Advertising w’ere featuring Tucker: The Man and His Car, a promotional newsreel that Preston Tucker had made to promote the Tucker car and not incidentally himself. Some say this 13 minute film inspired the George Lucas – Francis Ford Coppola movie starring Jeff Bridges. Alex Tremulis, looking young and dapper with his pencil mustache and goatee, is shown sketching the Tucker car. It’s interesting how the film mentions three assembly lines in Tucker’s factory but never shows an actual production line, just individual work stations. The film does feature six completed Tucker cars being driven on the track at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Safety was one of the Tucker car’s main selling points and the film, of course, mentions the Tucker’s safety features. However, though they show that a Tucker that supposedly rolled over 3 times at 95 MPH was still intact and functioning, they never show the actual rollover test. Since promotional videos for car companies dating to the early 1930s show all sorts of primitive crash testing of cars, the omission is telling.

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