2012 Detroit Autorama:
Vespa 400

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We’ve featured the French built Vespa 400 microcars before. The big Eyes On Design show had microcars as one of its featured classes last year, so it wasn’t too surprising to find a couple of 400s at that show. Finding a perfectly restored Vespa 400 at the Detroit Autorama, a show known more for custom and hot rodded American cars, was a bit more surprising. The two Vespas at the EoD show were nice, but this canary yellow Vespa appeared to be perfect, with some dress-up touches like a chromed cooling fan housing for the air-cooled 394cc two cylinder two-stroke engine. I left some of the shots uncropped so you could see just how small the Vespa car is compared to normal sized automobiles. It could almost fit in the bed of the adjacent custom Chevy S-10 pickup truck.

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Vespa 400

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