Cars I’ve Loved and Hated:
Michael Lamm’s Unauthorized Auto Biography, Chapter Five

Mike’s dad, Heinrich Lamm, bought his first Hudson in 1939 and remained a Hudson stalwart until 1960. Text and photos copyright Michael Lamm 2012

During the 1940s and 1950s, my hometown, La Feria, Texas, had just one new-car dealer, Lafond Motors. Lafond sold one single make: Hudson. So most La Feria families owned Hudsons, mine included. You’d drive along Main Street, and it looked like a two-block-long Hudson parking lot.

My dad must have been Lafond’s favorite customer, because he bought a new Hudson every three years – the usual interval back then – and he never haggled. Whatever Lloyd Lafond said the car cost, my dad paid. And Lloyd also set the trade-in allowance.

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