2012 Detroit Autorama: 1934 Hupmobile Cabriolet

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If Dodges are a bit rare at custom shows compared to Fords ‘n Chevys, image how rare Hupmobiles are. You’ve probably never seen a Hupmobile, custom or stock since Detroit based Hupp Motor Co. stopped production of automobiles in 1940. Hupmobile never sold a lot of cars. This 1934 Model K421 (how’s that for an alpha-numeric?) was one only 1,066 cabriolets made and owners Butch and Donna Downs believe it to be the only surviving example. I assume that when they started on the project it wasn’t suitable for a complete restoration, because it’s hardly stock. Instead of the original 228 CI Hupmobile six, there’s a 5.7L Hemi crate motor running through a modern 5-speed automatic, not the original 3-speed manual transmission. It’s a beautiful car and a distinctive, classy custom, one of my favorites at the show.

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