Car Teeters On Edge Over Ravine
Dramatic Rescue of Mother & Children on Pacific Coast Highway

From the NY Daily News (ABC News video):

“She was saying, ‘Get me and my children out of here,’” firefighter Greg Nucklos recalled. “She was very scared, and I remember her saying she wanted us to get a net below her and I had to articulate that we just don’t have that type of equipment and I needed her to remain calm and patient.” The terrifying accident occurred after Groves’ BMW was rear-ended by a truck on California’s Highway 101, leaving the passenger vehicle hanging off the side of a guard rail over a ravine.The truck driver, Charles Allison Jr., was killed instantly when his truck plunged into the ravine after the crash. While the rescue crews lacked equipment, they were given a huge boost by a crew of Navy Seabees who happened to be nearby. The Seabees provided the fork lift needed to stabilize the car and give emergency workers enough time to extract the three passengers.


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