Car Club Season Has Begun (Early)

2-seater sports car drive

The front half of the caravan of sports cars on today's drive (photo by Matt Parish)

The email said that the “2-seaters in storage are blowing their gaskets” and “We want roads, that’s why we’re called ROADsters.”  The message was clear.  It was time to pull those precious cars out of winter storage and head out for the first drive of the season, even if it is only March 18th.


MGB champing at the bit

Given the unseasonably – really unseasonably – warm weather, the 2-Seater Sports Car Group to which I belong chose today for its first outing of the season and about ten cars showed up.  We started, as usual, in Middleton, Wis., and headed out into the rolling countryside of western Dane and eastern Iowa counties in southern Wisconsin.

Because of the undulating topography, road builders couldn’t apply anything like a gridwork on the landscape and had to follow the ridges and valleys that they were presented with.  The result is a sports car drivers delight.  You like twisties?  We got ‘em along with some beautiful vistas.

Rest stop

Rest stop at a county park, typical vista

The drive included a pit stop at a county park along the way and pull-over to take in an ancient grist mill and dam.  The drive cluminated in a double pass through what has been nicknamed “The Tail of the Badger”, a steep downhill comprised of a series of S-curves that come at you in rapid succession.  It was a course so nice we did it twice.  The organizer had found a good spot for a turn around just past the chicane so we could go back through and run it again.  I was a bit surprised to find that the uphill run was a bit easier and faster than the downhill.

Old grist mill

Second stop – an old grist mill along a creek

On the drive today were the usual assortment of Miatas, three Porsches (a 911 Turbo, a Speedster and a Boxster), a BMW Z4, and lovely MGB, one of the Datsun 1600s I wrote about last sumer and a Dodge Viper, of all things.  (The Viper checked out before the Tail of the Badger run.  Coward.)

Viper and Porsche

The Odd Couple, a Dodge Viper and a Porsche Speedster

There’s nothing like a spirited drive along challenging roads to clear the mind and invigorate the soul.

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