Period Correct Custom: Frank Piknik’s 1928 Ford Highboy

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This 1928 Ford highboy has been in the Piknik family for three generations, if the vanity plate is to be believed and they’ve kept in it the same condition it was in when family patriarch Frank Piknik built what appears to define the term “hot rod”. If you asked 100 people what a hot rod looked like, I think a majority would come up with something like this. It’s got a flathead Ford V8, painted red, the interior is a dark red, and the chrome hubcaps reveal a thin red line from the red steel wheels. With red highlights, of course the car itself is black, with no fenders. Was there ever a better exterior/interior color combination? Red and black go together so, so well. This traditional rod won the Detroit Autorama Preservation award. Unlike the one of a kind Roeder Ford custom, you’ll see other cars that look like this one, but I don’t think you’ll find one that’s more period correct.

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