Look What I Found: A Testarossa In An Unlikely Place

1986 Ferrari Testarossa

A Testarossa and an Escape share a showroom

Last fall I posted a piece on a Ferrari that I saw in the showroom of Tom Peck Ford in Clinton, Wis.  Tom Peck is a small dealership in a very small town in southern Wisconsin with a significant portion of its clientele being area farmers.  It’s one of the last places you would expect to find a Ferrari Testarossa.  When I asked a saleman about the car last fall I was told that they were “storing” it for someone.

Well, now it’s for sale.

The car is a 1986 with just 41,202 miles on the odometer and has a very attractive golden-tan interior that appears very clean.  With an asking price of $68,000 it’s in the same ball park as the (handful of) Testarossas for sale on ebay right now, though it shows more miles than any of those.

I left with my checkbook safely in my pocket.

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