The Very First Flathead Ford V8

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Our last post was about the ’32 Ford, which introduced the flathead Ford V8. Though the Henry Ford Museum’s Driving America exhibit has an expansive collection of cars from a variety of manufacturer’s, the museum was indeed founded by Henry Ford himself so the collection includes some very significant artifacts that were donated by the Ford family or Ford Motor Company, including the original Quadricycle (the Automotive Hall of Fame next door has a replica of Ford’s first automobile). Another first, the first production Ford V8, is on display as well. When I say the first, I mean the actual very first engine, not just an example of an early Ford V8. Secured with one of the valve cover nuts is a hand stamped metal plate with the caption, “THIS IS V-8 NO1 MOTOR HOLD FOR MR FORD”. Aaron Severson of Ate Up With Motor has the flathead’s story.

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