Building Race Cars in Beloit, Wis.

Racing Miatas

A bevy of racing Miatas anxious for the season to start

I drive by the building every day on my way to work.  It’s an innocuous looking, 12,000 square foot steel building on the far west side of town where, most of the time, there doesn’t appear to be much going on.

Yesterday was different.  Racing season is about to begin in this part of the country and Advanced Autosports threw its doors open to its customers and hosted an open house.  My 2 seat sports car club was also invited to attend so we planned an abbreviated Saturday drive that ended with a stop at that unassuming steel building.

Advanced Autosports shop

Barely enough room to walk between the cars

Advanced Autosports specializes in building, maintaining and transporting Spec Miata race cars for customers across the U.S. and claims to build and maintain most of the Spec Miatas in the Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs.  Dave Wheeler started the business in 1997 in his garage.  He later moved to a somewhat larger shop in Wauconda, Ill., and bought the facility in Beloit in 2005.

Advanced Autosports shop

Parts bins for the transmission bench

Advanced Autosports will custom build to any level of completion that a customer needs.  Bring them your NA or NB Miata and for about $13,000 they will turn it into race-capable Spec Miata complete with safety equipment, tires and vinyl graphics.  They will also store and maintain your car and transport it to select race tracks for additional fees.  If you want to build your own car, Advanced will sell you its “Spec Miata In A Box”, a kit that includes everything you would need to build your own race car.

B-spec Mazda2

The Alien: A Mazda2 undergoing a B-spec build

Also spotted in the shop was a B-Spec Mazda2 that Advanced is building.  Check out Advanced’s Web site for a gallery of photos of the work that was done on the car.

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