Chrome Menagerie: The Evolution of the Impala

Over at the New York Times’ Wheels blog, Phil Patton has an excellent piece on the history and development of the stylized leaping impala that has eponymously graced Chevy sedans since 1958. The latest version will be revealed this week when the 2014 Impala is introduced at the New York Auto Show. The impala on the new Impala is a bit more muscular and with sharper edges, which sort of splits the difference between how the Jaguar (muscles) and Mustang (creases) mascots have been updated recently. Joann Kallio, lead creative designer on Chevrolet global badging, headed the team that created the ’14 Impala badge. The design was digitally rendered by sculptor Richard Stafford and then prototyped first in a polymer with stereolithography, which was chrome plated. A final decision was made from a model in milled and polished aluminum. Even though today’s 3D design software can render the play of light on a reflective surface quite realistically, there is no substitute for a real object in real light in real space.

A gallery of historic Impala badges is after the break.

The newest impala on the newest Impala

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