Antique Auto Advertising: Plymouth Baccaruda… er Barracuda

This week marks the 47th birthday of the first “pony” car, the Plymouth Barracuda, introduced on April 1, 1964, two weeks before the Ford Mustang got its own public debut at the New York World’s Fair. Though they later got their own E bodies, the first A body based Barracudas were pretty much Valiants with a sharp looking, mostly glass fastback. I couldn’t find any ads from 1964, so this ’66 ad will have to do. It’s the same body style, as the switch to sheet metal unique to the ‘Cuda took place for the 1967 model year. More memorable than the tv ads, though, was the 1965 radio ad produced for local use by Plymouth dealers, making fun of a dealer who keeps mispronouncing Barracuda, “Baccaruda”. It’s a clever way of getting people to remember a product name. Mention the word “Baccaruda” to baby boomer car enthusiasts, and they’ll smile.

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