Suzy Dietrich’s Home Movies Show A Young Colin Chapman @ Sebring 1958

When racing pioneer Suzy Dietrich auctioned off her memorabilia, Cliff Reuter bought some of the home movies Dietrich shot at racing events in the late 1950s and early 1960s, when she was active racing. Reuter’s now digitized and posted them up on YouTube for our enjoyment.  Here are three of Suzy’s home movies from the 1958 Sebring race. The cars are very cool, Lister Jaguars, Testa Rossa Ferraris (the real ones, worth millions now), a “birdcage” Maserati, and some Lotus Elevens. Even cooler, if you look closely starting around 2:50 of the first video, you’ll notice a young Colin Chapman removing the roof from a Team Lotus #56 Eleven, which ended up finishing fourth overall with Sam Weiss and Dave Tallaksen at the wheel, behind two Ferraris and a Porsche RSK. Chapman and his co-driver Cliff Allison finished 6th and a third Lotus finished in 9th place. Three cars in the top 10, against cars with much greater engine displacement and raw horsepower, shows why the Eleven gave Lotus and Chapman so much credibility in the racing world.

More video after the jump.

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