Why People Think Lamborghini Owners Are Douchebags:
“My first one did that”


Far be it from me to stereotype people based on the cars they drive. The only two people that I personally know who own Lamborghinis have not only been gracious to me but they are both very philanthropic. I’m sure that most Lamborghini owners are just people who love amazing cars and have the money to indulge that passion. No harm there. Still, as the Talmud teaches, no lie can stand without some grain of truth, so maybe just some Lambo owners are indeed bags of the douche variety.

When a brand new $376,000 Lamborghini Aventador caught fire and burned on the side of the road in southern California as with most modern events there was no shortage of people recording the event on their cell phones. It was only a matter of time before there were videos posted. The soundtrack to this particular video includes what sounds to me like a conversation between the cameraman and someone who, it seems, has owned a couple of Lamborghinis, including one that burned. At first I thought they were joking about him owning one, but when I transcribed the conversation, there was a familiarity in the exchange that says to me that they weren’t really joking around. It’s not the cavalier and snobbish, “my first one did that” that I find that annoying. It’s the “I hope it burns down so I can get one of these and that will burn down.”

Some people just can’t appreciate how fortunate they are. If you had a Lamborghini Gallardo LP Spyder would you hope it burned down?

@ 0:36:

Cameraman : That is so sad.

Other Guy: It’s a dealer car. Fuck it.

Cameraman: Still, I feel bad for Lamborghini. That’s a bitch for Lamborghini

Other guy: My first one did that.

Cameraman:  Your Spyder?

Other guy: I had a roadster first.

Cameraman : Nice… and then replaced it with the LP?

Other guy: I did yeah.

Cameraman: That’s the shit.

Other guy: It hasn’t burned down yet.

Cameraman: Yet.

Other guy: I hope it burns down… so I can get one of these and then that will burn down.

Cameraman: Exactly.

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