Antique Auto Advertising:
But the Mazda Goes Mmmmmm

To celebrate Mazda’s announcement that the rotary engine will continue to be part of their plans going forward and that the company is developing multiple versions of the Wankel, this week’s edition of Antique Auto Advertising has a RX-3 commercial from the mid 1970s, when Mazda was trying to get a toehold in America. At first, Mazda tried the dry factual approach with “Mazda, the car with the rotary engine”. That didn’t work out so well, so to stand out from the crowd, and use a little bit of humor, Mazda’s agency developed a campaign based around the supposed smoothness of the rotary, that “goes mmmmm”, unlike a piston engine that goes “boing boing”. Today Mazdas go Zoom Zoom “but the Mazda goes hmmm” is how many people remember the brand’s debut in the States. Here are both the long form and short forms of a commercial that makes sure we get the boing-boing point by including someone on a pogo stick and also, apparently, makes the case that guys who buy Mazdas are beta males whose girlfriends like their cars more than them.

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