Who Will Really Get the First New Acura NSX in Three, Maybe Two, Years? “The Waiting List Starts at #3” – Jerry & Jay Will Get NSX #001 and #002

Going over the Google Analytics stats I see that everyday we get visitors seeking answers to the question posed above, most likely because we ran a post on the Super Bowl ad for the upcoming NSX starring Jerry Seinfeld, with a cameo by Jay Leno. The ad works for car guys because enthusiasts know that Jerry and Jay are both knowledgeable collectors who each own some rare examples. Since you’ve come here looking for answers, here’s the best answer that I can give you.

At the Chicago Auto Show in February, I was surprised that they didn’t have the recently introduced NSX concept on display. It turned out that the new NSX pushmobile (that’s all that they showed in Detroit – it had no interior or drivetrain) was needed at a different event. Since I was already asking questions, I did ask about NSX VIN 001, referencing the Seinfeld/Leno Super Bowl ad. The Acura rep told me that in advance of the Chicago show he asked Acura management if they were starting to take names for a waiting list, in case people at the show inquired and he was told, “Yes, but the list starts at #3,” making it clear that numbers one and two were going to the car collecting comedians. Based on the respective sizes of their roles in the commercial, which Acura continues to run on Speed TV, I think it’s a safe bet to say that Jerry Seinfeld will get NSX #1 and Jay Leno will get NSX #2.

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