My Mother The Car


Some say that it’s the worst television sitcom ever. Some say it’s the worst television show period ever. Maybe that’s why people remember Jack Benny’s Maxwell touring car and nobody remembers Jerry Van Dyke’s 1928 Porter (a fictional brand – the car in the  series was originally made by a guy named Norm Grabowski though George Barris built a copy for use as a stunt car on the show) possessed by the spirit of his recently departed mother, voiced (over the car radio) by Ann Sothern. Still, the first episode, where Van Dyke first finds “Mother” in a used car lot is worth watching for the cars that Hollywood thought would fill a used car lot back in 1965.

Everybody knows in the second life
We all come back sooner or latter
As anything from a pussycat
To a man eating alligator

Well you all may think my story
is more fiction than it’s fact
But believe it or not
My mother dear
Decide she’d come back

As a car
She’s my very own guiding star
A nineteen twenty eight Porter
That’s my mother dear
She helps me through everything I do
And I’m so glad she’s here

My Mother the Car
My Mother the Car

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