Car Tunes:
Up Around The Bend
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Does anyone not like Creedence Clearwater Revival? John Fogarty is one of the great American songwriters, not a bad axe slinger and he has a distinctive voice. The band was tight and they could perform note for note versions of their big hits, or go into extended jams if it served the music and audience well. The CCR catalog is filled with road songs, whether or not they specifically reference cars or traveling. CCR comes on the radio and you start tapping your hand on the steering wheel to the beat. Here’s the studio version of Up Around The Bend from Cosmo’s Factory, the album named after Doug “Cosmo” Clifford, the band’s very good but somewhat underrated drummer, as well as a rare, even more uptempo, live version recorded on Sept. 10, 1971 in Amsterdam, included on the 40th Anniversary reissue of Cosmo’s.

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