Antique Auto Advertising:
Cord Front Drive
Bonus: ’30s Movie Chase Scene w/ Auburn & Cord

The automobile known as the Cord L-29, wasn’t really the model designation given to the car by E.L. Cord. It was simply the Cord Front Drive. Usually, for Antique Auto Advertising, we feature a vintage television ad or old promotional newsreel but either none exist featuring the Cord Front Drive or nobody’s yet posted any to YouTube or the various internet archives. Instead here’s the Auburn Automobile Company’s 1929 sales brochure introducing the Cord Front Drive, with text attributed to Errett Loban Cord himself. In addition to E.L. Cord’s text and details of the FWD chassis, the brochure includes a dozen and a half photos of different Alan Leamy body styles in what appear to Southern California locales.

Also included in the gallery below the jump are some print ads touting the Cord’s features like the safety of front wheel drive.

As I said, I couldn’t find any newsreels for the L-29, but I was able to find this clip from the 1937 screwball comedy Love Is News, starring Tyrone Power, Loretta Young and Don Ameche, with a car chase involving a Cord 810 and an Auburn Speedster (also a ’30s vintage police Harley Davidson). Young is at the wheel of the Auburn and driving Power in the Cord was black actor Lincoln Perry playing a chauffeur in his now controversial Stepin Fetchit character. Perry has a great line about the Cord, “It don’t start runnin’ till it gets to 100”, and then demonstrates the Cord’s excellent brakes, fortuitously stopping just before a motorcycle cop starts pursuing Young.

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