Studebaker Body Drop

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Unlike the Detroit Historical Museum’s installation of the “body drop” section of the assembly line from a Cadillac factory, the Studebaker National Museum’s display of a 1937 Studebaker President body being lowered onto a chassis didn’t come from a local factory. It’s just rigged up with a hoist and straps but it still gives you a feel for that dramatic step when components become an automobile. For a more historically accurate view of how it really looked, here’s a photo (from the Bettman/Corbis archive) from South Bend in the 1940s, when the same basic body style was still being used.

The Studebaker body drop display sits adjacent to the staircase to the museum’s second floor. As you walk up the stairs you walk past the neon Lark sign that adorned legendary South Bend Studebaker dealer Nate Altman’s store.

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