Antique Auto Advertising:
1960 National Auto Show, Cobo Hall’s First

We’ve earlier shown the commercial for the ’61 Chevrolets that Dinah Shore shot at the 1960 National Auto Show, the first auto show held in the then new Cobo Hall, and the first time the National Auto Show was held someplace other than New York City. Now here’s a commercial (or promotional film, it’s about 90 seconds long) for the show itself, featuring many of the cars that were new for that show. Lately I’ve been going through some home movies and 35mm slides that my late father shot, so to flesh this post out a bit I’ve also included a family’s home movie shot at the ’60 Detroit show posted to YouTube, along with, below the jump, that same Dinah Shore Chevy ad. The home movie is about 8 minutes long. The first five minutes are mostly of the cars and the displays, along with views of a number of well dressed women waiting in line to see “Fashion In Motion”, a fashion show which takes up the latter part of the film. The fashion show was sponsored by Detroit’s J.L. Hudson department store (the same J.L. Hudson that started the store also was the financial backer of the car company of the same name). Trying to appeal to the entire family is not something auto shows and their participants just thought up recently.

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