Mutt & Jeff Part 1:
Caddy de Donk

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With spring comes car shows. At the Metrocruisers’ spring shine ‘n show in northwest Detroit, I spotted this very clean mid 1990s Cadillac deVille done up a la donk. I think donks, are a bit silly when it comes to vehicle dynamics but this was a very well executed custom. It certainly, ahem, stands out in a crowded parking lot. I’ve noticed that you can get away with a larger variety of wheel diameters in a car with non-round wheel arches, and this Caddy’s arches are square, man, square. Checking with Wikipedia, I find that technically this isn’t a “donk”, but rather a “hi-riser” or a “sky-scraper”. Traditionalists say that “donk” specifically refers to cars based on 1971-76 Chevy Impalas, with “donk” being short for donkey, apparently a reference to the impala mascot. Squared-off and downsized 1977-90 Impalas and other GM fullsize sedans are known as “boxes”, and the last B bodies. ’91-’96 are called, appropriated “bubbles”. Anything else apparently is a hi-riser or a sky-scraper.

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Caddy de Donk

  1. herbertwesson says:

    it looks great! Go and get donk wheels now!

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