Mutt & Jeff, Part 2:
Continental Mark VIII Lowrider

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If that Cadillac deVille is rolling 30″s or thereabouts, this Lincoln Continenal Mark VIII has wheels about half that size, what appear to be 14″ spoke rims. It’s tempting to say that the car’s tail is dragging because of Lincoln’s notoriously unreliable air suspension units, but as  you can see from the photos of hydraulic system in the car’s trunk, there’s a custom hydraulic system and the owner of this Mk VIII decided to set the rear bumper on the pavement and the nose in the air for this show. For what it’s worth, this was not the most extreme lowrider at this show.

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Continental Mark VIII Lowrider

  1. foxpan says:

    My father had one of these and was very comfortable the car congratulations on the photo looks really cool 3D greetings from mexico

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