An Appreciation of Normal Sized Wheels, Part 1: 1966 Chevelle SS 427 w/ 14″ Torq Thrust Rims

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After our posts on the donked Cadillac Fleetwood with huge rims and the Continental Mark VIII lowrider with relatively tiny wire spoke wheels, and a look, over at TTAC, at a Mark III with large wheels at the same car show that just ruined the car’s stance, it’s worth pointing out that there was a time when 13″, 14″ and 15″ wheels were considered normal, not small. It’s also worth pointing out that cars looked pretty good with those size wheels mounted with much higher aspect ratio tires than we’re used to using today. A 14″ 78 series tire (or it’s alphanumeric equivalent) was pretty much standard on intermediate sized cars. At that same car show there were a couple of mid-’60s GM intermediates with period correct wheels and they looked better than good, they looked right. I don’t know if this 1966 Chevelle started out as a SS model, and with only a few hundred 427 powered Chevelles being produced as COPO cars, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a clone or tribute car, but in any case, it’s in beautiful shape and looks great on 14″ Torq Thrust wheels, with chrome center caps.

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