An Appreciation of Normal Sized Wheels, Part 2: 1964 Pontiac Tempest w/ 14″ Cragar S/S Rims

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This 1964 Pontiac Tempest didn’t have the 389 that it’s brawnier twin the GTO sported, but it did have the creditable 326 CI Pontiac small block V8 and it probably goes pretty well. It looks pretty good too. The Torq Thrust wheels on the Chevelle SS next to the Tempest are mostly matte grey. The 14″ Cragar S/S wheels on this Tempest are all chromed, for a completely different look, but I bet if you swapped wheels between the Tempest and the Chevelle, both would still look great. You don’t need 22″s to make a car look good. As a matter of fact, with older cars, you’re better off wheels that are period correct to the car. They look better in the wheel well and in most cases give the car its most attractive stance.

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