All Show & No Go 1971 Chevy Nova

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This 1971 Nova is not exactly what it appears to be. It’s got the right look for a muscle car, it’s got the right tires and wheels, giving it that classic Detroit iron stance, but if you look closely at the picture above (or browse through the gallery) you’ll see that it doesn’t have some version of Chevy’s famed small block V8. No, it has the venerable inline Chevy six, originally designed in the early 1960s to compete with Chrysler’s Slant Six. I think this is a ’71, which would make that a 250 cubic inch 155 HP engine, if it’s a 1970 model, that would be a 230, which put out 140 HP. This car had the look of a survivor, though the ghost stripes make me wonder if it has been restored – the trunk has period correct spackled paint. In either case, it’s a headscratcher. Who is going to restore a six cylinder Nova? On the other hand, who would keep one in original condition? Either way, it looks great and is a reminder that not everything in the muscle car era had a pavement pounding V8.

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