Look What I Found: An Electric Kyote

Electric Kyote

The Electric Kyote II

You don’t see dune buggies around much anymore, especially here in the midwest, so this Jeffries-designed Kyote II really stood out at a car show recently in Huntley, Ill.  On closer inspection I discovered that it offers another distinction:  it’s been converted to electric drive.

But wait, there’s more.  You can buy it right now on ebay.

Dean Jeffries may be one of the most talented – and is certainly one of the most prolific – auto customizers in America.  He has worked extensively in Hollywood and his portfolio includes such legendary projects as the Monkeemobile, the Black Beauty from The Green Hornet, James Bond’s moon buggy from Diamonds Are Forever, the Landmaster from Damnation Alley and many others.  He has done custom painting and pinstriping for the likes of A. J. Foyt, Parnelli Jones and James Dean and he jumped headlong into the dune buggy craze in the 1960s and ‘70s with his Kyote and Kyote II fiberglass kits for VW chassis.

Electric Kyote II

It’s a gas, but it takes no gas

According to the owner, this Kyote II was converted to electric drive about ten years ago.  The VW flat-four was replaced with an electric motor powered by a dozen 6-volt, deep cycle batteries but the car’s transaxle was left in place so you still have four forward gears as well as reverse.  Top speed is a claimed 50mph with a claimed range of 40 miles, about what you’d expect with a conversion of this type.

Electric Kyote

Some of the 6-volt batteries. There are more in the back.

The Kyote II was one of the more attractive dune buggy designs and this electric conversion  appears to be well done – all neat and tidy, anyway.  The owner was asking $5900 at the show and apparently got no takers.  It’s on at least its second pass through ebay right now with a starting price of $4,999 and, so far, no bids.

Electric Kyote II

Simple interior is clean and well done.

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