1960 Cadillac Convertible

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I’d call the 1960 Cadillac “late baroque”. It still retains some late 1950s styling excess while being a bit toned down from the ’59 models. I think it’s less cartoonish than the ’59. This 1960 convertible in white with a red interior is the quintessential American parade vehicle. Driving a Caddy convertible in 1960 meant you made it, or at least looked like you made it. The car abounds with touches that say “expensive”. Take a look at the front grille. It includes about 75 small chromed projectiles, each one had to be mechanically fastened. Trim like that is one reason why collectors evaluating restoration projects don’t just look for rust-free and straight panels, they also make sure that all the chrome and stainless trim is there too. Cars from the 1950s had so much brightwork that tracking down and restoring a cars “jewelry” can be one of the more challenging parts of restoring a car from that era.

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