LIC PL8TS of Portage

VW at Portage Show

The mild customizing on this New Beetle was a lot more imaginative than the license plates

On our way back home from a tour of old Highway 51 through Wisconsin, some of us stopped in Portage to check out a car show.  There was some interesting iron on display but what caught my attention were some of the license plates.

The New Beetle above was more show than go according to the list of mods displayed above the engine compartment.  Three-fourths of the items listed were cosmetic and the unimaginative license plate reflected that.

Dodge Charger

In-your-face plates are guaranteed to inspire grudge matches.

The in-your-face plates on this Dodge Charger pretty much guarantees that the owner will be challenged at stop lights.  Unless the car has some significant performance upgrades it will likely be “toast” in a fair number of grudge matches.


Lightning fast perhaps but plenty of air brushed lightning, too.

This Corvette is no doubt fairly fast but the LITN part refers to some fantasy painting that the owner had applied liberally.  Visible in this photo are appliques on the tail lights but wide areas of the front end and under the hood were decorated with blue-white lightning bolts.  Nicely done, actually.

Ford Contour SVT

Contour SVT, one of the nicest you’ll ever see.

You don’t see many Contours anymore and it’s even more rare to see an SVT.  I dare say that this is the only one you will ever see with a matching trailer that is the back half of another purple Contour, complete with a fully upholstered interior that matched the main car.  The EGPLNT plates refer to the color, of course.

No RSX for who?

No RSX for who?

Not sure what to make of this one? Neither am I.  From a distance it would appear to be an Acura RSX but on closer inspection it has Honda badges and an Integra badge on the back.  To further confuse things, my auto technician buddy, Chuck, noted that the VIN indicated that it is a Honda Civic.  Do the plates give us clue?


This Mustang owner got stuck among some ricers.

Finally, like the petunia in an onion patch, this beefed up Mustang was sitting amidst a group of heated up Subaru WRXs and a Neon, i.e. “ricers”.

Mustang trunk

And I don’t like couscous.

But wait, what’s that in the trunk of the Mustang?  A license plate that the owner was afraid to stick on the car?

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