SWAG For The Masses: Scion FR-S Cap

There are few people on the planet that like swag as much as I do but there’s no joy like sharing joy, so we’re going to start giving away some of the stuff we’ve gotten at auto shows and press events. All you have to do is send an email here, and we’ll pick one email at random as the winner. Our generosity has limits, though, so you’ll have to cover the shipping costs via mailing us a self addressed and stamped mailer. I’m hoping to make this a weekly giveaway, or even more frequently than that if the response is good. Our first bit o’ swag is a Scion FR-S baseball cap. It’s black, so it goes with everything, has a sandwich brim with red trim, a FR-S logo sewn on the front and the car’s 86 boxer logo sewn onto the adjusting strap in back.

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